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Key priorities from our Away Day (17th Sept) – Action Planning for the future.

Last month the Board met to review the last 6 months of activity and identify our priorities for the next 6 months. There was a lot of […]

The Question of LATCo’s role in the UK post-Brexit

The Question of LATCo’s role in the UK post-Brexit

Thoughts from Michael Harrowven – Chair of the LATCo Network. It’s October! The air is getting crisp, the nights are drawing in and we’re on the home […]

Public Service Ethos

Public Service Ethos and Commercial Practices

“Public Service Ethos.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? But what does it mean? As a Founder Member of the LATCo network and MD of Oxford Direct Services I […]

Culture back to the future

Back to the future – 7 steps to a winning culture

Why is a winning culture so important? Over the past 3 decades I’ve come to understand the key difference with organisations which are successful is getting the […]


The Potential of Local Authority Trading Companies

In my role as Board Member for the LATCo Network I am often approached by other professionals who want to find out more about the potential of […]


Next steps for Local Authority Trading Companies

Existing Local Authority Trading Companies may be considering the next steps for Local Authority Trading Companies (LATC’s). In my role as founder member of the LATCo Network, […]


Outsourcing, in-sourcing or Local Authority Trading Company?

We have all seen spectacular collapses, expensive failures or lack of best value from outsourced arrangements played out, costing the end customer often who is the taxpayer. […]

income generation potential of latcos

Income generation potential of LATCo’s

As managing director of Lampton 360 and as a founding member of the LATCo Network, I was asked to provide some advice regarding the income generation potential […]

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