LATCo Summit 2019 - Highlights

It's finally here. The highlights of our hugely successful 2019 summit from this summer hosted in London. Our sector's inaugural and biggest LATCo conference. It was a fantastic turnout. We’d like to thank all the attendees, speakers, exhibitors and everyone who took part to make it such a success.

Thanks to our summit Headline sponsors: Plan B Management Solutions, and other sponsors including Ensors Chartered Accountants, ilke Homes, Procurement for Housing and Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP.

A special thanks to our partners and co-sponsors es-p Group | extended services & projects for organising and delivering an excellent event.

We have started planning the next Summit for 2020. We will be confirming the location in due course, this will be in a different part of the country to London to recognise we have a national network. If you have suggestions or ideas for the programme, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch at

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