Key priorities from our Away Day (17th Sept) - Action Planning for the future.

Last month the Board met to review the last 6 months of activity and identify our priorities for the next 6 months. There was a lot of discussion looking back at the journey so far, shaping the current work plan, and thinking about our future priorities with what are still scarce resources.

  • New CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - Having started out of the blocks with a much bigger bang than we’d anticipated or could have hoped for (which can only be a good thing!) means that building up our capacity to manage conversations and relationships with our members has become a key focus. This is a key area for the network which our partners esp Group are leading on in configuring and implementing systems, which we expect to be in place and fully operational by the end of next month (Nov).


  • Board / Governance – Another key area for the network is to build the Board’s capacity. We have a number of strategic positions to fill and our key drivers are to target high level stakeholders, regional representation, gender diversity and a broad cross-section of different LATCo service organisations. We are now getting started with the recruitment process, shortlisting from the first tranche of expressions of interest and progressing candidates.


  • Bi-monthly Training Events / Seminars – We are shaping the subject matter for the next 12 months. The first proposed event will be delivered at the end of Nov/first week of Dec by our partners Anthony Collins Solicitors and will cover the topic of ‘governance and procurement’ and how to make this work in a Local Authority group structure (plus more -details to follow). As one of the benefits, FULL members get a free place at each event, with Associated Members receiving a discount and a cost to non-members at £75 + VAT. We are still shaping the programme of events so if you have any specific topics you want to see covered then please drop me a line at


  • Growing the Membership – We had a superb response in July at the #LATCoSummit19 and are currently progressing lots of conversations and meetings with LATCos (Local Authority and Commercial organisations) looking to come on board. We thank you all for your patience and look forward to bringing everyone together in due course. This remains a key priority for the network towards building a strong, sustainable peer-led network.


  • #LATCoSummit20 – Following the success of #LATCoSummit19 and the feedback received from delegates and commercial partners, we have started the initial planning process for next year’s summit and are looking to deliver an even better experience next time. The Board has approved for the next summit to be hosted at a different region so watch this space for further updates. We will soon begin to consider the key themes for next year’s event, with climate change and the environment high on the agenda, and potentially another general election around the corner there is much to consider. If you have any thoughts on themes or specific topics you would like to see covered in the programme for next year, please drop me an email at For any interested in sponsoring and exhibiting at the event please do get in touch.


I would like to end this piece on a couple of key messages. We incorporated just 6 months ago, in April this year, and so we are a relatively new organisation still finding our feet, not all that different to a start-up. As the network is growing its capacity and resilience every day, we are testing our systems and processes all the time. Sometimes the results go as anticipated, while at other times we are required to make further adjustments and changes. There is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes and we rely on your patience, support and feedback

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