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Bringing together best practice and innovation from across the network for the benefit of Local Authority Trading Companies.

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We don’t have the overheads of a corporate consulting firm so can deliver real value and at a fraction of the cost.

Why work with the LATCo Network?

It’s the quality of our people. We bring together a network of practitioner professionals who work or have worked in the public sector and understand our mission.

Our network has been founded by LATCo members for LATCo’s, and these services are designed to support Local Authorities and Local Authority Trading Companies in establishing successful, sustainable trading entities.

How we can support you

Tailored services to support LATCo's across the UK

Corporate Governance

Having an effective policy and system of organisational governance is critical for a Local Authority Trading Company. This defines and guides the appropriate relationships between the LATCo shareholder, its board of directors, and its Chief Executive.

We offer a full range of corporate governance services. Corporate governance is a cornerstone of sustainable business development and attracts growing attention from regulators and shareholders. By allowing LATCo’s to respond properly to external challenges, good corporate governance enhances confidence and is a key factor for decisions.

Our range of services can include comprehensive diagnostics of corporate governance system, development of recommendations and assistance in their implementation; improvement of the risk management system and processes, including setting risk appetite, identification and assessment of risks, and elaboration of risk management measures;

Our approach is based on many years of our professionals’ practical experience, and best practices. We adapt our services to meet the needs and specific requirements of each individual organisation.

Strategy & Implementation

We can help you develop an integrated strategic plan that builds clarity and consensus across your organisation and a plan for the future success of your LATCo. Our team-based approach to strategic plan development orchestrates the involvement of your key stakeholders in a way that optimizes your chances for successful plan implementation. Any Leader will know, a strategic plan is only as good as your ability to execute it effectively.

Our seasoned strategic planning practitioners have helped develop many comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans across many varied situations. Perhaps you need support for a single-day, strategy offsite to update or revisit an existing plan. Or, you may require a more comprehensive approach, in order to develop a completely new plan from scratch. Either way, our experience and flexibility enable us to design an approach that will suit the operating requirements and constraints of your LATCo.

Audit & Support

Providing auditing and consulting services at the same client is a conflict of interest. Audits should be objective in order to submit unbiased reports about a situation, whereas, as consultants, they might become subjective in order to recommend ways to circumvent challenges. This is where we add value. We know not all projects run smoothly. Sometimes issues occur which require outside assistance and experience.

Whether the problem is related to the scope of works, project duration or costs or customer service issues, the LATCo Network have the skill and experience to help. The purpose of auditing is to provide independent assurance that your risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

Services we can offer include:
- Compliance with legislation
- Compliance with Company policy & procedures
- Compliance with Client 'Service Level Agreements'
- Detection and prevention of 'bad practices' and errors
- Detection and prevention of fraudulent activities
- Ethical principles
- Independent opinion
- Desktop auditing
- Full site auditing
- Cost analysis

People & Culture

We can help you to create or change your work culture to support the future direction of your LATCo, building a supportive environment where your organisation can progress, survive and, ultimately, thrive.

We believe in culture, that is why we apply agile approaches meaning we'll work with you on things that will have the biggest impact in the shortest time, whilst simultaneously working towards longer term goals. It is through this that you’ll see positive signals of progress and a change in culture quickly. Our work in workplace culture change is built on 3 key principles…

Bottom-up approach: involving everyone (not a leadership directive) - enabling change at an employee and team level.

Embracing positive beliefs: take and reinforces the positive beliefs that already exist in your organisation and will accelerate culture change.

Unearths underlying beliefs: pinpoints and addresses beliefs that are shaping how people behave and helping or hindering progress.


In the true sense of the word, sustainability means ‘the capacity to endure’. It means setting up a LATCo that will be resilient and will thrive in the long term.

A sustainable LATCo is one that generates profit while improving societal and environmental conditions. This includes what you do (your product or service), as well as how you do it (the way you operate). The following key areas are the top five addressed by most organisations: Energy, Waste, Workplace, Transport, Procurement.

There are lots of ways in which being more sustainable will help you become more efficient, improve your brand value and reputation, provide a platform for innovation, help attract and retain staff, achieve better growth, cut costs and strengthen stakeholder relations.

By looking at the impact of different sustainability issues on your business, we can help you make the most effective choices, and therefore have a positive impact.


CSR aims to ensure LATCo’s conduct their business in a way that is ethical. This means taking account of social impact. Many organisations struggle with knowing where to start. As a wholly public sector owned organisation all your stakeholders have an interest and are influenced by your activities and actions, including:

- Shareholder – Aligned with public service ethos and values
- Service Users - Fair and open practices and good customer relations.
- Suppliers - Choosing suppliers carefully, looking at their health, safety, and environmental practices.
- Communities - Creating positive change in the community, eg sponsoring local events, taking part in charity initiatives, volunteering, etc.
- Employees - Responsible employers who do more than simply comply with the law.

We can help you improve your business performance, increase competitive advantage and build trust with customers and employees. Perhaps most importantly, CSR gives your LATCo and your brand a positive image of a reputable ethical business. To find out more contact us.

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

We know balancing legal compliance with every day demands can be a challenge. Our experienced SHE practitioners offer practical SHE support services that can be accessed on a long-term or short-term basis either as part of a support project or as ad-hoc SHE support. Examples of how we can help include:
- Safety Health Check - A visit offering a starting point towards improving health and safety systems.
- Systems Audits - Reviewing operational effectiveness on a plan, do, act, check model.
- Safety Inspections - Deep dive on activities, equipment or areas to define risks and measures required.
- Risk Assessments (e.g. COSHH, Fire) - Conducting new or reviewing existing risk assessments.
- Safe systems of work, policy and procedures - Developing your management systems to raise standards and support your internal and external strategies, (e.g. achieving OHSAS 18001 or ISO 14001certification.)
- Induction, Tool Box Talks and Briefings - Delivering SHE training to educate and inform as to your health, safety and environmental practice.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are part of the growing ``social economy``, a thriving collection of organisations that exist between the traditional private sector on the one hand, and public sector on the other. Sometimes referred to as the ``third sector``, it includes LATCo’s, and organisations of many types. Issues that are likely to undermine include:

- Lack of money until viable
- Too much pressure on too few individuals
- Lack of sales and marketing expertise
- Focus on social rather then income generation
- Lack of clarity about the social impact that is being generated

Social Enterprises stand out from the rest as organisations that combine the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector with a strong social mission that is characteristic of the social economy as a whole. We use our network of experienced practitioners from commercial, voluntary and statutory experiences to help create and support social enterprises so that they can be successful. To find out how we can help please contact us.

Service Standards

Taking the time and effort to establish service standards is an important exercise for LATCo’s to undertake, establishing when setting up new. The process of developing those standards also helps the LATCo solidify its thinking about how it relates to its market and enhance its brand.

A positive experience during a person’s first transaction with a LATCo will often bring that customer back for future purchases. For most LATCo’s, from an economic standpoint, it makes much more sense to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. It can be 25 times more costly to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one. Lifetime value of a dedicated, loyal service, can yield significant dividends for a LATCo, increasing the retention rate of your customer or service user by 5% can increase profits by up to 95%

We embrace quality service standards, to find out how we can help you please contact us.

Plan, Budget & Forecast

We listen and adapt to you so you are confident you have the right solution to drive your organisation forwards.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are fundamentals which can present a challenge. Strategy has to be effectively translated into long-term plans, mid-term budgets and short-term forecasts in order to make sure that strategic objectives are met, financial targets are reached and Local Authority shareholder value created in a proper and sustainable manner. Our experienced team of financial professionals can help with assessing capabilities across people, processes, and technology, and integrate with best practice to help shape a roadmap to achieve your future state. Establishing a strong planning, budgeting and forecasting practices will provide for:

- Increased transparency and quality of budget figures
- Increased speed of planning, budgeting and forecasting activities (data collection, reporting, etc.)
- Increase quality of decision-making due to more accurate data
- Stimulate plan/budget commitment of the various stakeholders
- Clear audit trails
- Positive insight

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It is vital for Local Authority Trading Companies to have a membership body to represent them and the LATCo Network provides a vital platform to spread best practice and share opinions.
Simon Howick Managing Director, Oxford Direct Services
LATCo's are becoming an increasingly popular model for delivering public services - the Network provides a foundation for like-minded organisations to share ideas and help one another on their journey.
John Phillips Managing Director, HTS Group
When we establlished our LATCo there was no single body to consult with - the Network provides a much needed service and will deliver far reaching benefits.
Dave Ward Managing Director, Lampton 360

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